Hollow Conjugated Fiber Machinery suitable for producing of Non-woven and filling industry
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Polyester Staple Fiber (PSF) Production Line

Recycled Pet Fiber Machinery & Equipmentfiber machinery

Polyester staple fiber

INTRODUCTION: We handle key projects from product exploration, project design, process control, manufacture, and install service to start-up running. We can provide all types of equipment of polyester staple fiber complete machinery ( PSF Machinery ). From melt pipes to can traverse (SPINNING LINE). From tow-creel stand to the cutter and baling press (DRAWING LINE).

The possible production denier of PSF:

  • 0.8D ~ 1.5D cotton type / high tenacity,
  • 2D ~ 20D solid regular,
  • 6D ~ 15D hollow conjugated (3-dimensional).

The capacity of the whole line: 25TPD, 50TPD, 70TPD, 100TPD, 150TPD and 200TPD.

And it could be according to the user’s demand.

R & D: We have been combining worldwide advanced technology in R&D. And developing our own licensed & advanced spinning technology by combining filament & fiber spinning process advantages.


We supplied the biggest capacity of Polyester Staple Fiber Machinery in the world, and it also owns the most PSF Machine running in the world.


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