Polyester Staple Fiber (PSF)

Polyester Staple Fiber

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What is the Polyester Staple Fiber?

PSF manufacturers produce PSF through direct processing of PTA and MEG, and/or PET Chips, and/or Recycled PET Flakes. The virgin grade is the term used to refer to PSF manufactured using PTA and MEG or PET Chips, while the Recycled grade is the term used to describe PSF made from Recycled PET Flakes.

Polyester Staple Fiber finds application in the spinning, weaving, and non-woven industry. This product is mainly classified as Solid and Hollow.

PSF is lightweight, crease-free, and resistant to light and weather and it also has the ability to resist extreme climatic conditions.

The global demand for PSF reached 15,519.70 kilotons in 2016 and grow at a rate of 4.7% from 2017 to 2025.

The Asia Pacific overcomes the global market in 2016 followed by Europe. Economies such as China, India, and Brazil dominate their respective regional markets during the forecast period.

In the world of products, solid PSF came out as the largest section in 2016. Grow the popularity of tolerable man-made fibers combined with reducing consumption of cotton in the textile industry is likely to drive the market over the forecast period.

The Virgin PSF segment was the largest market segment in terms of revenue in 2016 and is projected to generate over USD 16,451.90 million in revenue by 2025.

It is anticipated that Recycled PSF will experience significant market growth over the forecast period, driven by increasing environmental awareness worldwide.

We can supply the following PSF with high quality and competitive prices;

Cotton Type Polyester Staple Fiber (100% Virgin Grade)

polyester staple fiber (PSF) 1.4D cotton type - solid
  • Producing 1.2 – 1.8 Denier (High Tenacity),
  • Cut Length 32, 38, 50 & 64 mm,
  • Available In White Color (Other Colors Only For Special Orders),
  • Application Fields: Spinning, Non-Woven Industries, Hosiery &, etc.


Solid Polyester Staple Fiber Solid (Virgin & Regenerated Grade)

  • Producing 2-15 Denier,
  • Possibility To Produce High Tenacity Type For 2-5 Denier By Order,
  • Available In Any Desired Color,
  • Cut Length Possibility Between 25 ~ 150 mm,
  • Application Fields: Non-Woven, Carpet and blanket, Furniture Industries, Filling Industries, Knitting Fabrics, Hosiery Fabrics, Water Proof Sheets, Tar, Paper Sheets, Leather and related Industries &, etc.


Polyester Staple Fiber Hollow Conjugated Siliconized (Virgin & Regenerated Grade)

Hollow Conjugated PSF
  • Producing in 7 & 15 Denier,
  • Cut Length 32, 38, 50 & 64 mm,
  • Available In White Color (Other Colors Only For Special Orders),
  • Application Fields: Filling Industries & etc.



Cotton Type 1.4D x 38MM High Tenacity with 100% Pet Chip virgin grade for Spun Yarn and Non-woven.

PSF Application

– Spinning: Garments, Interior.

In the spinning industry, PSF extensively is used for garments and interior purposes. It provides excellent properties for creating high-quality textiles in terms of durability, comfort, and aesthetics.

– Nonwoven: Spunlace, Needle Punch, Padding, Felt, Mattress.

In the nonwoven sector, PSF plays a vital role in the production of various products. It uses in spun lace, needle punch, padding, felt, and mattress manufacturing. These applications rely on the versatility and adaptability of PSF to create products with specific characteristics and functionality.

– Stuffing: Pillow, Cushion Industries.

PSF finds application in stuffing industries, particularly in the production of pillows and cushions. The fiber’s resilience and softness make it an ideal choice for creating comfortable and supportive stuffing materials.


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This fiber is a material produced from a synthetic chemical compound with a variety of uses in the textile, automotive, and furniture industries, needle punch, nonwoven, spun yarn, spinning, PTA & MEG, semi-dull, super-bright, Russia, hollow polyester, textile fibers, home fibers, home furnishings, pet bottles,  a recycled polyester.

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