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Our group specializes in the design and manufacture of printing presses for the global printing industry. With a focus on automation and productivity, our state-of-the-art printing presses are in high demand worldwide. Our highly automated and productive printing presses serve the global printing industry by effectively printing newspapers, magazines, books, catalogs, packaging, direct mail, and various other specialist products.

This group is the manufacturer of choice for Newspaper Presses around the world. Furthermore, our newspaper presses have gained renown not just for maintaining consistent print quality, but also for demonstrating exceptional reliability. These presses feature a modular design, enabling straightforward expansion to accommodate the increasing demands of our customers’ growing businesses. Our modular press design allows for easy expansion to accommodate growing customer demands.

To meet the worldwide demand for ‘Greener Packaging’, Our group has continued to develop our environmentally friendly packaging presses. Therefore, we now offer more efficient presses as well as a flexographic press option for printing with water-based inks.

Web Offset Printing Press


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China Goss, Web offset printing press, newspaper, book, commercial, magazine, catalog, visit card, packing, sheet-fed printing press, offset, Goss is the manufacturer of choice for Newspaper Printers around the world.  newspaper presses are renowned not only for their consistent print quality but also for their reliability. The modular design of the China Goss Presses allows for easy expansion to meet the evolving demands as our customers’ businesses grow.

Brothers Frederick and Samuel Goss founded the original Goss Printing Press Company in Chicago in 1885. One of the first printing press systems the brothers designed was a two-color press called the “Clipper”. This new system allowed for printing on both sides of the paper simultaneously, a major advance in the printing industry at this time.

Goss China continues the Goss innovation by designing and manufacturing printing presses for the global printing industry.

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