Machinery & Equipment

Machinery & Equipment  |  We handle key projects from product exploration, project design, process control, manufacture, and installation service to start-up running. We can provide all types of polyester staple fiber equipment from melt pipes to can traverse. And from tow-creel stands to the cutter and baling press. The possible production denier of PSF is 0.8D ~ 1.5D cotton type/ high tenacity, 2D ~ 20D solid regular, 6D ~ 15D hollow conjugated (3-dimensional) and the capacity of the whole line is 25TPD, 50TPD, 70TPD, 100TPD, 150TPD, 200TPD and so on. According to the user’s demand.

Machinery & Equipment

Spinning Line

Machinery & Equipment, Spinning line

 Machinery & Equipment

polyester fiber production line

Drawing Line

drawing line for fiber|||||||
psf Machinery & Equipment
Annealing, High Tenacity, cotton fiber

Machinery and Equipment

The most important item for choosing a production line is the market background and selling reference list.

Everybody can understand the quality of a production line from the number of lines that have been sold in the market.

Our Machinery’s worldwide capacity

We are talking about a 2,200,000 Ton/Year PSF production line (more than 60 complete lines) that has been sold by a company.

Reliable Technology of Machinery

Our production line’s technology and performance are very reliable and stable, as you know, any defect may create running performance problems, and thus cause heavy loss;

Trustable and Experienced Supplier

As a company that wants to be a good quality PSF producer, you should find trustable and experienced PSF equipment and project suppliers too.

Please trust a brand that has sold the biggest capacity in the world.


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