Stone Paper Production Machine

Stone Paper Production Machine | Our group of companies is a Hi-Tech manufacturer dedicated to the production of extrusion plastic lines for films, sheets, and also granules.

Our group is able to prepare and execute turnkey projects for its customers, of which the Stone Paper production line project is one of the most important.

We as a professional manufacturer of the stone paper production line can manufacture and supply the below types of machinery:

  • Blowing Machine,
  • Casting Machine,
  • Rolling Machine,
  • Coating machine.

What is the stone paper?

STONE PAPER is a new product which makes from limestone. This paper has created a new revolution in the film and paper industry. Fortunately, Limestone is a rich natural resource worldwide.

We believe that STONE PAPER will contribute to the goals of sustainable development. In fact, this product is a new generation of paper and plastic products in various industries.

In order to do this, our group of companies has an investment in stone paper technology and machinery. Clearly, the future belongs to people who invest in this industry.

Features of Stone Paper Production Machine (Cement Stone Paper Bag)

The production process of stone paper is simpler than wood pulp paper and does not use the wood pulp. The stone paper manufacturing process does not use strong acid-based, and bleach, so it does not create chemical wastewater. Therefore, it is recognized by the Cradle-to-Cradle institution that the stone paper manufacturing process is an environmentally friendly paper making technology.

The most factor of this manufacturing is an innovative manufacturing process that preserves water resources and reduces CO2 that can mitigate the destruction of our environment.


The raw materials are heated at a temperature of 200 degrees and then softened. Together with the molten polyethylene, it extrudes it into a three-layer ABC T-shape to form a three-layer composite film material.


It is stretching by two casting rolls. The thickness of the paper is controlled by adjusting the speed. And the paper rolls will be cooled and soft at the same time.

Corona system, Edge cutting, and Winder:

Now, passing through the corona system, the static electricity of the paper film is eliminated and the edges of the paper are cut on both sides. Finally, the paper goes to the winding machine and rolls. Eventually, we produce base paper.


Once coated on a base paper with liquid, then you can use stone paper for writing, printing, making books, magazines, booklets, brochures, maps, and other products.

Limestone Paper Machine

Stone Paper Production Machine

Blown Line1200100~1802500
MDO Casting Line1400150~5006000
Combined line1200~1400100~8008000

Note: The specified specification can be made according to the customer’s requirements.

Stone Paper component

  • 70 ~ 80% Caco3 (Powder)
  • 15 ~ 25% PE/PP (Granulate)
  • 1 ~ 5% Coupling agent

Characteristics of Stone Paper

1. Features such as quality printability, soft texture, low price, and also waterproofness of this paper, have made it a superior product of cellulose paper.

On the other hand, compared to traditional synthetic paper, PP / PE environmental stone paper is produced with new technology.

As a result, there are obvious improvements in terms of printing, uniformity, static decoupling, and drying performance.

One of the important points in the printing industry is that ordinary printing ink can be used and the printing cost is only one-third.

2. PP / PE stone paper production fully meets environmental conditions. Apart from good waterproof property, it has other advantages such as:

  • Prevent insect damage,
  • Anti-fat,
  • Light resistance,
  • Good light reception quality,
  • Non-toxic,
  • Harmlessness,
  • Abrasion and heat resistance (no deformation below 100).

Main Applications of Stone Paper

Stone paper can be used with higher quality printing, longer lifespan, and with lower cost for many kinds of printed matters like:

  • Wallpaper,
  • Pictorial,
  • Catalog, Business card, Advertising brochure,
  • Book cover, and so on.

Stone Paper is very suitable for printing valuable books and important documents due to its higher resistance to tearing than traditional papers, so they can be stored for years without damage.

In addition, the below products can be made from stone paper:

  • The cover plate of scanner and duplicator,
  • Special steel label,
  • The surface paper of quartz clock,
  • Mechanical scale,
  • Wall decorative paper,
  • Cement Stone Paper Bag, and etc.

Predictably, PP/PE synthetic paper can almost replace the traditional synthetic paper in more and more fields.

stone paper applications

The advantages of Stone Paper

The advantages of Limestone Paper


Stone Paper advantages

Stone paper’s contribution to the natural environment

  1. Tree cutting: No need to use pulp or plant fiber to make paper.
  2. No water added: The stone paper making process doesn’t add water.
  3. Acid: The stone paper making process doesn’t add acid.
  4. Alkali(bare): The stone paper making process doesn’t add alkali / bare
  5. No bleach: Not use bleach and don’t use water to wash
  6. Environmental: Preserve forests save the ozone layer.
  7. Energy-efficient: The stone paper making process uses less energy than pulp paper.
  8. Reduce CO2: Not release water waste and gaseous waste: protecting the river, ocean, and air.

Less production cost 

The cost of producing stone paper is 40% lower than traditional paper production, so as a result, this product is also economically viable.

The competitive advantage of stone paper V.S. wood pulp paper

  1. The cost of raw material is lower than wood pulp paper.
  2. Capital investment required is less than wood pulp paper.
  3. The cost of production is lower than wood pulp paper.
  4. Stone paper’s characteristics such as stretchability, durability, and water resistance are better than wood pulp paper in the same thickness comparison.
  5. Smoother surface and its natural whiteness with better printing effects.
  6. Water-resistant and will not wrinkle or damage when wet. Change in moisture will not cause shrinkage or extension. The paper will not be fuzzy on the surface thus prevents from bacteria growth.
  7. Heat-setting characteristic works great with hot melt glues.
  8. Termites free and moth free under room temperature.
  9. Stone paper can be recycled by converting into recycled pellets for further manufacturing. If dispose of garbage and sent to incineration, the remaining mineral powder can be returned to the earth.


This kind of paper can be used as waterproof materials and it is suitable for outdoor maps or cement bags, and etc.


After converted into pellets, it can be used again.

Stone Paper finished product samples


Stone Paper Production Machine