To meet the worldwide demand for ‘Greener Packaging’, Goss China has continued to develop our environmentally friendly packaging presses. We now offer more efficient presses as well as a flexographic press option for printing with water-based inks.

Aqua Stream Web Offset Printing Press

– Web width: 1100 mm (43.3 inch), 1650 mm (72.8 inch)

– Printing width: 1080 mm (42.5 inch),  1630 mm (64.1 inch)

– Repeat range: 508 – 1016 mm (20 – 40 inch)

– Paper Weight: 80 – 380 gsm

– Speed: 360 m/min (1181 ft/min)

– Circumferential adjustment: 360 ‘

– Side lay adjustment: +5 mm (0.2 inch)

Our Aqua Stream was designed to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly packaging. Capable of printing on film, paper or board, the Aqua Stream uses water-based flexographic printing process. The press is modular in design and can be easily configured to meet the customer printing needs. Optional turner bars allow for reverse side printing if required. In addition to printing packaging, customers are also using the Aqua Stream to produce environmentally friendly books.

Product description
The new flexographic printing press has the characteristics of high quality, high speed, high reliability and high cost performance.

The equipment has the international standard of similar products, equipped with radial and axial adjustment function, to enhance the accuracy of overprint, greatly reducing the duplication of the process of repeated waste; fine ink system is more stable, the printing process more provincial Ink; electrical control system of high mobility accuracy makes the product with a higher degree of automation; user-friendly design makes the operation more simple, easier maintenance.

Aqua Stream flexographic press features
Aqua Stream flexo printing machine is the use of advanced modular design concept, according to the different functions of the device can be divided into a free combination of modules, non-stop unwinding unit, paper feeding unit, flexographic printing unit, paper unit, rewinding unit The basic module, according to the actual requirements of customers printed materials will be the United States Martin non-stop unwinding unit, non-stop rewinding unit, MEECH dust removal unit, eltromat automatic registration system, ISRA quality detection system and other international advanced supporting system as a host matching Module, which may meet the requirements of different customers, different prints. The die-cut design ensures a high combination of equipment and reduces the difficulty of retrofitting in the future and in the manufacturing process.
Aqua Stream flexographic printing unit flexographic printing unit using servo technology, a single color group made by eight German manufacturer of Rexroth servo motor and German-made reducer drive system, whether horizontal or vertical registration can all in the group Registration panel or host touch screen on the digital operation, greatly reducing the requirements of the operator, especially in the printing process can easily control the printing pressure, overprint position, etc., without manual operation, both to reduce the operating strength, but also to operate more Fast, and thus can also reduce the printing process of adjustment waste.
As a result of the use of full servo drive, you can do the replacement of different printing weeks of printing roller, the press will automatically calculate the publication roll pre-registration position, which can greatly reduce the printing process of material waste; flexographic printing unit Sleeve technology, plate roller and anilox roller are sleeves, for the version of the operator can easily be replaced by a person, without any auxiliary equipment, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, change the time to achieve the shortest , Improve the efficiency of the use of the machine.
The flexo printing unit’s scraper system uses the latest technology from the TRESU company in Denmark to ensure that the anilox roll stabilizes the ink at speeds above 300 m / min.
Aqua Stream flexographic presses up to 1100mm print width, up to 360m / min printing speed. High-precision tension control ensures a stable overprinting accuracy when printing film and jam. The electrical system uses a high-end industrial computer as the total control system, which stores the printed parameters printed on each machine so that the operator can call directly without requiring any other settings during the second task. Aqua Stream flexo presses can also be delivered on-line with rotary indentation, punching, die-cutting and stacking systems to provide customers with a holistic solution.
Aqua Stream flexo printing presses is a green, high-speed, fully automated, flexible flexographic press.



Divo Stream Web Offset Printing Press

– Web width: 850 mm (33.4 inch), 1100 mm (43.3 inch), 1625 mm (64 inch)

– Printing width: 830 mm (32.67 inch), 1080 mm (42.5 inch), 1605 mm (63.2 inch)

– Repeat Length: 508 – 812 mm (20 – 32 inch),  700 – 1400 mm (27.5 – 55 inch)

– Paper Weight: 80 – 380 gsm

– Speed: 360 m/min (1,181 ft/min)

– Film Thickness: 12 – 60 um

The Divo Stream is a web offset press that allows for variable print repeat lengths. This press was developed for packaging customers to print shorter production runs and still stay competitive due to the lower cost of web offset consumables. Capable of printing on film, paper or board, the Divo Stream is very versatile for the packaging printer.

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