Commercial Web Offset Printing Press



– Speed: 40,000 copies / hour
– Cut off: 546 / 578 / 625 mm
– Cylinder configuration: 2*1
– Folding: 1:2:2:2 Jaw 1/2 Fold(options – 1/4 Fold, Double Parallel, Delta Fold)

M500 web press features proven technology to deliver high print quality, efficiently and reliably at up to 40,000 impressions per hour. Affordability and a straight forward design also make this press easy to own and operate, and versatility makes it ideal for companies that rely on a single press to produce multiple formats and jobs.







– Speed: 40,000 copies / hour
– Cut off: 546 / 578 / 560 mm
– Cylinder configuration: 2*1
– Folding: 1:2:2:2 Jaw 1/2 Fold(options – 1/4 Fold, Double Parallel)

The MV400 was designed as a cost effective semi-commercial press. The press is designed as a 4Hi configuration and combined with a dryer as a compact semi-commercial press. The press can print on paper, coated or LWC paper and can produce value added high quality print.

Excellent price / performance ratio
MV400 semi-commercial web reel offset printing press is Gesi Graphic Printing System (China) Co., Ltd. according to the current needs of the development of the printing market, combined with their own in the web roller offset printing machine technology advantages and development and production of a cost-effective High model.
The machine uses advanced design concept, using modular arrangement and combination, high precision machining and manufacturing, set computer control, network management, automation integration, data communication, optical cable transmission, remote diagnosis and large screen display and other high-tech technology in one , Can be printed on coated paper, light coated paper and other high-grade printing products, for the printing business to bring considerable economic benefits and to extend its value chain.

Advanced feature configuration
MV400 semi-commercial web reel offset printing press the main body of the tower structure, the latest N40 roller folding folding machine and zero speed automatic feeder, but also with a drying system, cooling system, silicon device, two Sub-tension control system, two correction device. The machine adopts advanced German Bosch Rexroth shaftless transmission system, remote control electric registration system, automatic registration system, ink remote control system and CIP3 ink preset interface, coupled with beautiful design, to achieve the perfect machine Combination.
The machine is not only used as a single half of the business opportunities, but also with the newsprint printing closely integrated to form a broader category of printing for the user to create value to bring more space.

Stable print the main structure
By four BB printing unit superimposed to form a printing tower, the printing unit to launch the wall panel with the overall casting frame structure, the operation of the wall panels for the plate structure, the middle with a stall connected to form a solid frame, good rigidity, Strong, not easy to deformation.
The printing drum is made of high grade stainless steel material, corrosion resistance and long service life. Bearings from the United States imported high-precision pre-stressed bearings to ensure that the quality of printed materials and improve service life.
The rubber roller is reeled with a blanket structure and equipped with a roller pillow. Its stability and the control of the meshing point make the network be accurately reproduced, so it can guarantee the printing of high quality printing.
Plate cylinder with a narrow slot plug-in fast version of the structure and positioning pin fixed registration device, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, easy to operate. Registration adjustment using electric remote control mode, the data can be displayed on the display.

The best ink balance and ink system
Ordinary web reel offset press is usually used by two plates of ink roller, the machine is used by the three version of the roller, which printing ink layer is more uniform and more delicate. The open color fountain and the overall color setting capability of the 24 independent printing areas in the paper width direction are realized by a programmable non-linear algorithm, one for inking, one for dampening, ensuring that the ink balance is Best state. Both the fountain roller and the fountain roller are driven by a separate maintenance-free brushless motor, both in linkage with the host and individually.
The string roller is cooled by the structure, which effectively controls the ink temperature.
Water transfer using the whole business machine water roller continuous water, water more easily controlled.
Ink volume control using digital ink remote control system, ink on the ink button on the use of ink under the control of the slider under the slider structure, the ink area will not produce interference between the use of touch screen control, bar ink volume screen display The With ink preset (CIP3) interface, through the PPF or 1-bit TIFF file to generate ink preset data, by the ink key motor automatically adjusted to the bit. The best ink density control and printer speed synchronization greatly reduces the ink time and paper loss.
The system also has an adaptive function. Since the CIP3 ink preset data automatically generated according to the front plate making process is transmitted to the printing plate through the different ink transfer mechanism, the effect on the final print is different, so that the operator will Some of the ink key data to be amended, the revised data will be automatically remember and automatically adjust the next boot. After many times the automatic memory, correction, running, the final system will tend to do without any artificial intervention in the real automatic system, for the pursuit of quality printing provides a technical guarantee.

Tape control
The entire process of the tape from the start of the paper holder to the folding machine is tightly controlled. The control measures are closed-loop tension feedback system and low-quality guided roller system for monitoring continuous web tension and compensating for introduction Amplitude difference. The appropriate tension of the format can eliminate overlay deviation, blur and ghosting problems. Equipped with monitoring center or edge of the paper positioning function, can quickly and accurately correct. Print quality is therefore higher and less wasteful.

Drying room
The use of imported drying device, the device has advanced air flow control, patented design of the nozzle, and through the NFPA safety standards, the paper approach to the level of paper and vertical paper in two ways to choose from.
Cooling system and silicon applicator
The paper is cooled to reduce the lost water after baking, the machine uses a four-roll cooling system and is equipped with a silicon-coated device for reliable performance.

Strong folding ability
With a new N40 roll-off folding machine, up to 10 sheets of paper (or 10 paper) can be folded up to a maximum printing capacity of 40,000 / hour.
In addition to the standard eight open folding function, but also optional 16 open, 32 open double folding device, and equipped with longitudinal punch and horizontal punch, effectively eliminate the “eight characters fold.”
According to the layout needs, but also configure the upper triangle board.
Pressure roller, longitudinal cutter are used pneumatic control clutch, easy to operate.





Sheet Fed Offset Printing Press


– Speed: 12,000 copies / hour

– Max Printing Area: 720 * 1040 mm

– Paper Thickness: 0.06 – 0.6 mm (60 – 600 micron)

– Max Film Width: 1000 mm

– Max Roll Diameter: 400 mm

Our proven SG-104 Sheet Fed Press is now available with additional print technologies in order to enhance the value of the printed products. These enhancements include a varnish print unit and cold foil print unit. The additional print technologies greatly enhance the appearance, quality and value of the printed products.

Product superiority
SG-104 sheet-fed multi-color offset printing machine is Gesi Graphic Printing System (China) Co., Ltd. in the original introduction of the German high-Rapida104 sheet-fed multi-color offset printing press on the basis of technology, plot more than 10 years of manufacturing experience, yet Absorbing the world in recent years in the development of such models of some advanced technology and manufacturing process and the introduction of a contemporary advanced level of printing presses. In particular, the machine impression cylinder and transfer roller with double diameter structure, reducing the paper curvature, so as to achieve excellent print quality to provide a guarantee.
The machine paper format up to 720 × 1040 mm, the maximum speed of 15,000 / hour. As a result of the modular design concept, it is possible to carry out different combinations from two to six colors according to the need for printing, and also to configure the polishing and drying devices. Can be used for printing more high-end, exquisite products, such as pictures, calendars, samples, books and magazines cover and advanced packaging and so on.

High-performance paper feeders
For high-performance sheet-fed offset presses up to 15,000 sheets / hour, it is essential that the various substrates be well and reliably separated on the paper feed unit. The machine uses high-performance paper feed machine, which is characterized by accurate, smooth and efficient. The height of the standard stack of 1300mm can guarantee extremely high productivity even when printing thick paper jams.
With a pre-stacking device and non-stop continuous feeding mechanism, also has a suction height adjustment device.
The use of paper tensioning device, the elimination of both ends of the paper upturned the situation has a particularly good effect.
With paper skew correction function.
Double inspection with mechanical and ultrasonic control detectors, with a reliable sensitivity.
The standard paper feeding device and variable speed suction belt table are suitable for the most commonly used printing materials, and the delivery of thick paper and tissue can be achieved with accessories.
The height of the dispenser and the lateral position of the stack of pallets are adjustable.
Feeder and host connection using universal coupling, high precision connection, smooth operation.

Unique paper feed mechanism
The paper feed uses a unique gap rotary transfer mechanism, which has two rows of grippers and front gauge mounted symmetrically on the stop roller. This structure has the following advantages:
1. The impact of the machine is small, smooth running, help to improve the printing accuracy.
2. Paper in the pre-positioning at a long time, thus ensuring the positioning accuracy of the paper.
3. The paper is closed when the transfer roller is in the stationary state, and the paper and the jaw are gradually accelerated, thus ensuring the accuracy of the delivery paper.

Printing unit
The use of the overall casting of the box-type base and frame-type wall panels, highly anti-twisting strength, to ensure the overall stiffness and stability of the machine.

Scientific arrangement of drums
1. Plate cylinder, rubber roller, impression cylinder into seven o’clock arrangement, four-color printing only through the three middle delivery roller, reducing the number of paper transfer.
2. The most fundamental advantage of the machine is the use of double diameter impression cylinder and transfer roller structure, paper curvature is small, smooth delivery, especially for more rigid paper printing. There is a special anti-rubbing material on the paper roll.
3. The surface of the impression cylinder is sprayed with stainless steel. The transfer of the impression cylinder and the transfer roller is done after all the embossing is completed. Even the largest sheet of paper is such that the paper is not affected by other forces. The accuracy of the paper transfer and does not produce rubbing and curling phenomenon.
4. The use of secondary clutch pressure control device, eliminating the first boot can only print half of the phenomenon.
5. Plate cylinder registration adjustment using electric remote control mode, that is, on the console can be on each or all of the plate cylinder radial adjustment. According to the need can also be equipped with skew register adjustment device (cable cut version).
6. Each printing unit is equipped with semi-automatic plate loading device, which can effectively reduce the replacement time and improve work efficiency.

Novel ink system
The ink system has an ink arrangement that meets the requirements of extremely high printing quality. Five by the version of the roller diameter varies, which is the first by the plate roll both on the water and ink, can quickly achieve ink balance.
The use of single-line ink transfer method to transfer ink to the printing plate group, thus adjusting the reaction speed, reduce bad pieces and shorten the cleaning time.
This open-type ink transfer device effectively avoids the phenomenon of heat storage in the operation of the ink roller, even if the long version of printing is almost no need to re-adjust the amount of ink set.
The preferred arrangement of the plate roll, the string roller, and the two ink rollers on the ink-in-one roll, effectively suppressing the “ghosting” phenomenon.
It is very convenient to adjust the pressure of the printing roller, and when the thickness of the printing drum is changed, the pressure on the four presses can be adjusted by the hand wheel with a pressure display.

Alcohol dampening system
Moisturizing system using alcohol dampening way. Alcohol can reduce the surface tension of water, thereby reducing the amount of water used to effectively control the deformation of the paper, making the overprint more accurate.
The system also has one of the biggest features, namely the use of continuous water and ink in one version of the way, by the version of the water roller on both the water and ink, it can also be called by the version of ink roller, can quickly reach the balance of ink.
Cover the rubber layer of the water tank with DC motor stepless speed regulation, can automatically track the speed of the host run, but also for instantaneous overrun control.
The amount of water can be received in the collection of remote control, both on a single color group can be adjusted, but also on the machine to adjust.
There is a relatively small amount of slip between the water roller and the water roller, which forms a thin film of water on the water roller.
The bucket is covered with an insulated compartment.
Configuration center moisturizing water tank, with a circulating water supply and cooling devices and alcohol ratio measurement and control functions, both automatic ratio of alcohol, but also to keep the water temperature constant.

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