Sarafix heater Cleaning Spray

Heater Cleaning Spray – Sarafix

SARAFIX – Heater Cleaning Spray is a highly active neutral cleaning agent in the aerosol form. The neutral active foam of SARAFIX removes all kinds of deposits from the surface of primary heaters on Texturizing Machines and Godets on Spinning Machines.

The overall cleaning process is free from any surface particles ensuring no possibility of any physical damage to the delicate heater and godet surface.

The active neutral surface active foam of SARAFIX can also be used on Nitrated Heater Surfaces.

SARAFIX comes in two product variants.SARAFIX – 51X and SARAFIX- 51X – HT

SARAFIX – 51X is primarily for room temperature applications or a maximum of 700C on hot surfaces.

SARAFIX- 51X – HT is an adapted version with unique properties enabling use at high temperatures (up to 2000C). This allows for use on running machines without reducing heater temperature and hence, ensuring no production loss during the cleaning process.

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