Pepper Spray

Pepper and Chili Spray

While we sincerely hope that we co-exist and function in a society that does not require personal defence products, the unfortunate truth is that today we have to arm ourselves with such products.

Pepper and Chili Spray:
One of the Best Known – Self Defense products, for people of all ages. Ideal for every household (housewives), elderly people, working females, college students, bankers, jewelers and one and all.

Our product’s salient features :
» Special Safety Cap that is highly essential to prevent accidental spraying
» Extremely effective product that causes extreme irritation to the person (Temporary only, no permanent damage), on whom it is sprayed giving the user enough time to save themselves from the attackers.
» Spray bottle size is just 3.5cm X 10cm making it extremely handy and small in size. Easily fits in pockets or even a clutch purse
» Long shelf life of over 3 years and the product can be used multiple times

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