Contract Filling/Private Label Manufacturing

Contract Filling/Private Label Manufacturing

Sara Chem offers custom packaging and is one of the top contract filler manufacturers in India. We are dedicated to producing quality custom products for companies seeking to outsource aerosol and volumetric filling. Our clients rely on us to deliver custom contract filling solutions for their unique product needs. We are dedicated to exceeding our client’s expectations by providing high quality, low cost, and safe products. Our in-house R&D capabilities for new products aided by flexible production resources help clients keep low overheads and increase margin on products they bring to market.

With a strong QA team that focuses on consistency and repeatability with aim for zero defects in our manufacturing process, we can offer; fast, worry free delivery to you and your customers with our multi line capability that is currently operating at optimum utilization.

Additional services: Help to create your own private label products, art-work according to your needs, market/customer identification

Since 1997, Sara Chem has been the sole service provider to HOEC Bardahl India Limited for filling and repackaging of their auto-fuel additive products. We have designated factory shop floor, equipment, supervision, and manpower to service this client’s need.

We are currently working with many large scale consumer and industrial companies for their product needs for aerosol and volumetric filling needs.

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