Goss is the manufacturer of choice for Newspaper Presses around the world. Goss newspaper presses are renowned not only for their consistent print quality but also for their reliability. The Goss Presses are modular in design and can easily be expanded to meet new demands as the customers business grows.


Magnum Compact

– Speed: 50,000 copies / hour
– Cut off: 546 / 578 mm
– Cylinder configuration: 2*1
– Folding: 1:3:3 Jaw 1/2 Fold

1:2 Jaw, 1/2 Fold(options – 1/4 Fold, Double Parallel)

The Magnum Compact press is designed to improve the printing quality and flexibility of traditional single presses while dramatically increasing productivity, reducing product costs and minimizing environmental impact. By addressing the main causes of printing costs, the design not only reduces management costs, including reducing the number of crew and material digestion, but also has a wide range of applications.

Magnum compact uses a new design, adhering to the “all for efficiency” design concept, in order to achieve “compact, modular, open” as the guiding ideology, combined with the user’s printing quality, production efficiency, cost control and operational comfort The introduction of this high-speed high-performance single-width single-wide web offset press, with faster speed and higher level of intelligence to interpret Goss (China) “all for the customer” service concept.

The Modular design 

The entire printing tower is divided into three modules, the middle of the roller + water module, and both sides of the ink road module. The intermediate drum unit module can be used to change the cutting specifications according to the user’s needs. Roller module replacement only by driving or forklift exchange, without the need for complex material handling system, can make a single production line to meet a variety of cutting size of the business.

Flexible installation space
The existing height of the user’s plant can meet the installation of the equipment, the paper tray at the end of the production line, or with the printing tower into a 90 degree angle for the user to avoid the vertical installation of infrastructure costs; of course, can also meet the vertical installation The demand.

The original wall can be clutch technology
The ink unit module uses Goss’s unique separable technology, making the operator very comfortable during maintenance of the machine. Ink circuit unit and the drum unit between the two modules leave the maximum distance of up to 780 mm, the space enough for the operator in the middle of the two modules for drum cleaning, roller exchange and pressure adjustment and other routine maintenance work.

Highly intelligent
Automatic version of the automatic blanket cleaning, automatic registration, and automatic lubrication system will be the standard configuration of the product. The improvement of the level of intelligence directly brings the comfort of the operation and the reduction of the operator. 4 tower operation only 2 people, 8 tower operation only 3 people. Operators reduce the reduction in labor costs for the enterprise, while printing production increased, greatly improving the efficiency of the enterprise.

Automatic replacement technology is Gothic world-renowned original technology, this time, through the Magnum compact products for the first time facing the Chinese newspaper industry printing market. An automatic version of the action, including a new version of the automatic installation and an old version of the automatic demolition of the whole process lasted 25 seconds, that is, within 25 seconds, you can complete the entire printing tower 8 drums for the version of the action; Of the manual version of the skilled operation of the workers can only be controlled within 3 minutes, just a roller; non-stop version will also be reported from the original 150 more than 50-80 copies, so the configuration automatically change Version of the technology Magnum compact for our customers, especially the printing of many types of users, this is absolutely cannot refuse the temptation.

Digital fountain
As the Goss patented digital fountain system will give users a new experience in color control. Each digital fountain has a number of digital ink package, ink pack can be configured according to the needs of 8-12 ink keys. The ink flow rate of each ink key is controlled by a separate gear pump, the ink density through the control valve in the “open” and “off” two times the length of time to control. By operating “on” and “off” on the main console, the traditional zero calibration will be omitted and the ink supply will be increased by 10% in the range of 10% to 100%. Users can be based on the actual situation in the console set up a number of ink curve to control the printing of different printing ink and ink density. Existing conventional inks are also suitable for digital fountain systems. Fully enclosed structure design, easy to install the installation structure, but also greatly reduces the digital fountain system maintenance costs.

Extensible functionality
Magnum compact can also meet the needs of book printing, thermoset inset printing and commercial printing through the configuration of proprietary equipment.


Universal 80


– Speed: 80,000 copies / hour
– Cut off: 546 / 914 mm
– Cylinder configuration: 2*2
– Folding: 2:3:3 Jaw 1/2 Fold(options – 1/4 Fold, Double Parallel)

With installation in over 45 countries the Goss Universal Press is recognized worldwide for high print quality and productivity. The Universal 80 offers the flexibility of a single width Press while the two-plate-around configuration allows maximum productivity with printing speeds of up to 80,000 copies per hour.





 Magnum 4II




– Speed: 45,000 copies / hour
– Cut off: 546 / 560 / 578 mm
– Cylinder configuration: 2*1
– Folding: 1:2 Jaw 1/2 Fold(options – 1/4 Fold, Double Parallel)

The Magnum 4II is the latest evolution of the highly productive Magnum Press with over 40,000 similar units installed worldwide.

The Magnum 4II incorporates the latest Shaft-less Drive technology and user friendly controls that give maximum flexibility and ease-of-use for different printing requirements.

Community SSC

– Speed: 35,000 copies / hour
– Cut off: 546 / 560 / 578 mm
– Cylinder configuration: 2*1
– Folding: 1:2 Jaw 1/2 Fold(options – 1/4 Fold, Double Parallel)

The Community SSC Press is known worldwide, having sold more than 40,000 units since its launch in 1962. Through continuous technical enhancements, the Goss Community SSC Press has remained the market leader. The Community SSC Press offers high productivity, high Print quality and represents excellent value for money.

Newspaper Printer Taiyuan Daily bought their SSC Press in 1997 and is still their main production line for their Daily Newspaper.



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