Stone Paper Production Line – video

stone paper production

Stone paper production line; You may see our production line running.

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Stone Paper Production Machinery | Stone paper Cement Bag


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Stone Paper Machinery.

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The making of maps, charts, field notebooks and waterproof journals that will resist tearing and stains and will not collapse in contact with water.

Manufacturers’ tags and labels that will stand up to deliberate mutilation or normal wear and tear

Posters, banners and outdoor signs which will withstand weathering

Manuals that will survive rough handling and constant use

Packaging and wrapping which will only rip with difficulty

Shopping and garbage bags that are durable

Underwater diving notepads which are fully waterproof

Rich Mineral Paper (Rockstock) is neither pulp nor synthetic made paper. Rich Mineral Paper is a combination largely (80.9%) of mineral powder (Calcium Carbonate) with a small amount (18%approx) of a non-toxic, recyclable, compostable, photodegradable resin (PE) to create an extremely environmentally friendly paper.

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