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Start the 50th Staple Fiber Production Line 

Date: Dec 2016

We started the PSF production line with 15,000 ton per year capacity in India, SAFAR POLYFIBER company site successfully. The quality of produced fiber is so good and acceptable by consumers.

In this site the following product can be produced;

– Cotton Type High Tenacity

– Hollow Conjugated

– Normal solid

Nowadays, the demand for enhancing chemical fiber productivity in India domestic enterprises for its market is in primary phase. We actively exploited overseas market by mobilizing various social powers. The Company will ensure the key technology content of the product and, additionally to further reduce the production cost so that to make a balance between productivity and load as well as improve the competitive edge. Moreover, The Company has improved the export equipment according to the local geographical and climate condition in order to increase the working life, finally ensuring completely the development of market.


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