Stone Paper Production Line

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Stone Paper Production Line

Stone Paper Production Line

Stone Paper Production Line


GWELL Machinery is a high-tech enterprise dedicating in the manufacture of plastic extrusion lines for Film, Sheet, Profile, Pipe, and Pelletizing. GWELL is capable of providing turn-key project for our clients, such as Stone paper project.


Main Applications of Stone Paper

PP/PE stone paper can be used for many kinds of printed matters like wall paper, pictorial, catalog, business card, playing cards, advertising brochure, book cover and so on. It is also the ideal paper of archives, certificate for long-term preservation. In addition, stone paper can also be used for the cover plate of scanner and duplicator, the paper is hard to tear up, export cotton mark, special steel label, surface paper of quartz clock, mechanical scale, wall decorative paper. Predictably, PP/PE synthetic paper can almost replace the traditional synthetic paper in more and more fields.

  • The making of maps, charts, field notebooks and waterproof journals that will resist tearing and stains and will not collapse in contact with water.
  • Manufacturers’ tags and labels that will stand up to deliberate mutilation or normal wear and tear
  • Posters, banners and outdoor signs which will withstand weathering
  • Manuals that will survive rough handling and constant use
  • Packaging and wrapping which will only rip with difficulty
  • Shopping and garbage bags that are durable
  • Underwater diving notepads which are fully waterproof

with installing and start-up more than 10 full production lines we proud to leading stone paper production and market.

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