December 7, 2015

Energy Power



As a key supplier of core components and complete sets of wind power generation equipment, Shanghai Electric provides customers with wind power generation-specific solutions including large scale wind power generator designs, product manufacturing, technical consulting, and EPC contracting services. The company has installed over 600 wind power generation units in more than 30 existing or under construction wind power generation sites. Of these 600 units, 400 units are networked together. The company has become China’s first enterprise with solid achievements in on-shore, intertidal, and offshore wind farms. In addition, the company’s first batch of megawatt level wind power generation units have been successfully exported.



The 1.25 MW wind turbines are based technology developed by DeWind, a famous manufacturer of wind power generation equipment. The technology and designs have since been improved upon by Shanghai Electric. Through design optimization, Shanghai Electric has created several different wind turbine models (normal temperature, low temperature, plateau, and 60 Hz), with three different wind wheel diameters (62m, 64m and 70m), as well as four different hub heights (55m, 65m, 68m and 91.5m).





W3600 series wind power generating unit is a high capacity wind power generating unit designed by Shanghai Electric Windpower Equipment Co., Ltd itself according to the wind regime in China. With totally independent intellectual property, it adopts the technical scheme which is the most main stream in global wind power units. W3600 variable speed variable pitch double-fed constant frequency wind power generating unit, with the rated power of 3.6MW, rotor diameter 116/122m, hub height 80/90/100m, can be customized according to the customer requirements to adapt different work environments of offshore, on-shore, low temperature and plateau. There have been orders near one hundred sets. Presently the units have been operating at the seaside of Shanghai Lingang and the offshore of Shanghai Donghai Bridge for nearly 2 years with the average utilization of over 97%.




Shanghai Electric has independently developed (and owns the intellectual property rights for) various models of wind turbines, including wheel diameters of 87m, 93m, 99m and 105m, as well as designs featuring low temperature, salt-resistant, and sea based capabilities. 2 MW wind turbine units have thus far been installed in and commenced operations in off-shore and intertidal zones.






Iran Agent

We are proud to be agent of Shanghai Electric in Iran territory.