Polyester Staple Fiber (PSF)

Polyester Staple FiberPolyester Staple Fiber

We can supply the following PSF ;

  1. Cotton Type Fibers (100% Virgin Grade)
  • Producing 1.2 – 1.8 Denier (High Tenacity)
  • Cut Length 32, 38, 50 & 64 mm
  • Available In White Color (Other Colors Only For Special Orders)
  • Application Fields: Spinning, Non Woven Industries, Hosiery & etc.


  1. Polyester Solid Fibers (Virgin & Regenerated Grade)
  • Producing 2-15 Denier
  • Possibility To Produce High Tenacity Type For 2-5 Denier By Order
  • Available In Any Desired Color
  • Cut Length Possibility Between 25 &150 mm
  • Application Fields: Non Woven, Carpet & Blanket, Furniture Industries, Filling Industries, Knitting Fabrics,Hosiery Fabrics, Water Proof Sheet,Tar Paper Sheets, Leather & Related Industries & etc.


  1. Hollow Conjugated Siliconized Fibers (Virgin & Regenerated Grade)
  • Producing in 7 & 15 Denier
  • Cut Length 32, 38, 50 & 64 mm
  • Available In White Color (Other Colors Only For Special Orders)
  • Application Fields:Filling Industries & etc.



Cotton Type Fiber 1.4D x 38MM High Tenacity with 100% Pet Chip virgin grade for Spun Yarn and Non-woven



– Spinning : Garments, Interior
– Nonwoven : Spunlace, Needle Punch, Padding, Felt, Mattress
– Stuffing : Pillow, Cushio- Industries




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