December 7, 2015

Feeding & Dosing Equipment


Sonner is a dynamic company providing high quality dosing, blending and feeding solutions worldwide.

Created in 2002 in Shanghai, Sonner has expanded from a reputable Chinese machinery firm to a multinational company based in India, USA, and Europe, and serving customers through an extended network of sales agents and staff.

Supported by a strong in-house R&D and manufacturing departments, Sonner provides its clients with standardized to tailor-made solutions, based on patented engineering technologies, strong know-how, and dedicated service.

Catering the plastics industry, the compounding sector and the chemical fiber manufacturing, Sonner is developing its technique and devices to serve new markets, ranging from general material handling to specific laboratory activity, in several fields as food processing and pharmaceutical.


Market End products Process Feeding Working principle Flow Processed material
Polyester Staple Fiber Feeding Screw Loss-in-weight Continuous Powders, pellets, granules, flakes 1f
Polyester Staple Fiber Dosing + blending + feeding Screw Loss-in-weight Continuous Pellets, granules  2f
Polyester Staple Fiber Ø Conveying Pump Ø Batch Pellets, granules  3f
Polyester Staple Fiber Ø Dosing, blending, feeding control Ø Ø Ø Ø  4f