February 2, 2016

Cleaning Spray

Welcome to Sara Chem India Pvt Ltd:

Incepted in the year 1989, we are one of the renowned manufacturers, exporters, importers, and traders of quality aerosol products. Our range of products include; specialty products for Synthetic Fiber Industry, Aerosol Tin Cans, Valves, Caps, Aerosol Contract Filling and Trunkey aerosol plant installations & solutions.

Being a quality-centric organization, all our products are manufactured under intense quality control criterion with specific focus on process controls, safety, and use of excellent quality raw materials, which are sourced from reliable and audited suppliers. This has ensured that we offer products that have high reliability and operability.

We welcome you to our website and invite you to spend your valuable time going through our offering.

Innovation,Consistent Product Quality, Safety – Is Our Focus

Innovation is key! Sara-Chem is committed to developing products with the changing needs of the industry and consumer habits. Over the years through R&D we have adapted our flagship products for the synthetic fiber industry, which has helped reduce consumption, increase spinneret life, and make stronger fiber. This drive to innovation has given us a unique leadership position as the supplier of choice in the Indian synthetic fiber industry.

Quality consciousness and attention to detail has ensured that our customers receive consistent product quality with no variations from lot to lot. By practicing thorough training and following SOPs for each production line, we ensure that processes are poka- yoked.

Sara-Chem is fully committed to meeting all relevant Health and Safety regulations and protecting its employees by implementation of risk control measures. Additionally, due to the nature of our products (pressurized aerosols), we ensure 100% testing and controls in the process to ascertain that no hazardous conditions arise during transit or product use.


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