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Stone Paper Production Line

Stone paper machine & production line; GWELL Machinery is a high-tech enterprise dedicating in the manufacture of plastic extrusion lines for Film, Sheet, Profile, Pipe, and Pelletizing. GWELL is capable of providing turn-key project for our clients, such as Stone Paper machine and stone paper production line project.


Features of Stone Paper Machine & Production Line (stone paper production line)

1. This line can produce three-layer PP/PE environmental stone paper and environmental wallpaper with the extruder structure of single screw or double screws.

2. According to the features of raw materials, the specially-designed extrusion forming and stretching molding unit can ensure not only the good plasticization and steady extrusion, but also high tension strength and surface flatness to meet with post-coating and printing.

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Characteristics of Stone Paper

1. Delicate printing effect, soft texture, low prices and others like good waterproof beyond of the natural paper.  Compared with the traditional synthetic paper, PP/PE environmental synthetic paper is produced with new technology, there are many obvious improvements in printing property, fold-ability, anti-static electricity, drying performance. The common printing ink can be used and the printing cost is only one third.

2. PP/PE stone paper production completely meets the environmental requirements. Except the good waterproof property, it has the merits of insect prevention, moth proof, moisture proof, mold proof, grease proofing, light fastness, good light-admitting quality, non-toxic, innocuity, resistance to abrasion, thermo-stability (no deformation under 100℃).


Main Applications of Stone Paper

PP/PE stone paper can be used for many kinds of printed matters like wall paper, pictorial, catalog, business card, playing cards, advertising brochure, book cover and so on. It is also the ideal paper of archives, certificate for long-term preservation. In addition, stone paper can also be used for the cover plate of scanner and duplicator, the paper is hard to tear up, export cotton mark, special steel label, surface paper of quartz clock, mechanical scale, wall decorative paper. Predictably, PP/PE synthetic paper can almost replace the traditional synthetic paper in more and more fields.


Type      Length(mm)    Thickness(mm)     Capacity(t/yr)
Casting-GW130 810 0.2-1.5 5000
Uniaxial tension-GW130 1400 0.1-0.5 5000
Biaxial tension-GW150 2800 0.05-0.5 8000

Note: The specific specification can be made according to customer’s requirement.


Exclusive Authorized Agent in Iran

We are proud to be sole agent of Gwell Stone paper machine in Iran territory.

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Video Film about stone paper machine and production

To see videos of the production line: CLICK HERE


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