Shanghai Pacific – Reference List

Since 2001, there were total 42sets 100tpd big capacity PSF lines built by Chinese companies; Among them, Shanghai Pacific independently supplied 34sets complete PSF lines, occupying 54% market; and seven PSF lines were built under the cooperation of Shanghai Pacific (for supplying spinning lines) and other maker (for supplying draw lines), which occupying 16.67% market; By far, Shanghai Pacific supplied the most big capacity PSF lines in the world, and it also owns the most PSF running lines in the world; And the typical customer Sinopec is the biggest company in China (listed at No.22 of Fortune Top Worldwide 500), and Sinopec is also the biggest Petrochemical Complex in China and owns the biggest polyester capacity in the world.

Shanghai Pacific started synthetic fiber machinery & equipment fabrication since 1960’, it used to be the authorized spinning technology and machinery licensor and producer by China Textile Industry during planning economy 25 years ago; It was the first Chinese company which developed 4000tpa, 7500tpa, 15000tpa PSF line technology since 1970’ and 1980’, and it built about 40lines in above capacity; Its market occupying rate in 1990 was 100% in China.

Shanghai Pacific ever cooperated with Barmag in 1980’ & 1990’ in developing SW4 series POY spinning & winder technology, and it founded the joint venture with Barmag in the middle of 1990’ of producing SW6 & CW, SP40, SP50 series high speed spinning machines, and exported to Australia, Indonesia and India; Shanghai Pacific has also worked with Dupont, Zimmer, Toray for their tailor making machine fabrication in the OEM working style; Currently all other spinning machines produced by other companies are copied from Shanghai Pacific technology, hence there definitely exists difference in critical technical items, especially in temperature evenness of spinning beam, polymer melt residence time/pressure control, quench air speed, amount, pressure, flow direction uniformity control etc., we have our own specific technology.

For long period, Shanghai Pacific has been combining worldwide advanced technology in R&D, developing its own licensed & advanced spinning technology through combining filament & fiber spinning process advantages, the evenness of spinning beam can be controlled within ±1oC it is really the leading technology in the world; Shanghai Pacific also independently developed the own licensed technology of radical quench, semi-open circular quench, full close circular quench etc; These technology can form the series of spinnerets atФ238Ф328Ф405; And recently, Shanghai Pacific has successfully developed bi-component PSF lines, bi-component spunbond lines etc.

The final products’ quality is leading in China, equipments can run stably, Shanghai enjoys high reputation by their customers.

Our reference 2002-2003:
Complete set of equipment and software for PSF melting conveying, spinning and draw-off 
2002   Sinopec Shanghai Petroleum Chemical Industry Ltd. 100t/d (4 lines) 
2002   Jiangyin Xinnanyang Chemical Co. 50t/d flask fiber (2 post-processing) 
2003   Zhejian Zhenbang Chemical Fiber Co. 100t/d direct spinning (2lines + melting conveying) 
2003   Jiangsu Huahong Group Co. 100t/d direct spinning (2 lines + melting conveying) 
2003   Jinan Zhenghao Group Co. 100t/d direct spinning (2 first-processing) 
2003   Jiangsu Nijiagang Group Co. 100t/d direct spinning (3 first-processing) 
2003   PSL Chemical Co. in Pakistan 50t/d direct spinning and draw line (2 sets) 
Our reference in 2004 – 2006: 
2004   Jiangsu Xinsu Chemical Fiber Co. 100t/d direct spinning (4 lines + melt conveying) 
2004   Xiameng Hongxin Chemical Fiber Co. 20t/d complex fiber (1post-processing) 
2004   Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Co. 150t/d fiber line control system (2 sets)  
2005  Zhejiang Kangxin Chemical Fiber Co.100t/d fiber (4 lines) 
2005  Liaoyang Petroleum Chemical Industry Ltd. 100t/d (4 lines)
2006  Russia Company 36t/d hollow crimp and cotton (1 set) 
2006  Zhejiang Longyou Lihe Chemical Fiber Co. 25t/d flask fiber cotton (1 set)  

Our reference in 2007:

2007  Jiangsu Desai Chemcal Co.,   150t/d (3 lines)  Complete direct spinning  Cotton type
2007  Jiangsu Desai Chemcal Co.,  75t/d (2 lines)  Complete direct spinning  Hollow 
2007  PSL Fiber Company  90t/d  Complete direct spinning  Cotton type & Hollow
2007  APW Co. – Thailand  20t/d  Flexible line  Cotton type & Hollow
2007  Xinsu Chemical Fiber  3000t /y  Bi-components staple fiber line                  
2007  Xinsu Chemical Fiber Co.  60t/d High tenacity
2007  Alyaf Shokouhiyeh Co. – Iran  25t/d   Flexible Complete line   3-D Hollow & High Tenacity
2007  Iran 18t/d  Flexible line  Cotton Type/ 3-D Hollow
2007  Xinsu Chemical Fiber Co.  100t/d (2 lines)  Complete direct spinning line   High Tenacity
2007  Xinsu Chemical Fiber Co.  60t/d Bi-components flexible line (2 lines) Flakes         
2007  Jiangsu Huahong Group Co.  100t/d Complete direct Spinning line (2 lines)  High Tenacity

Our reference in 2008:

2008  Fujian Yuzhe      15000T/Y Complete Line  High Tenacity low elongation fiber
2008  Fujian Hongxin 18000T/Y Spunbonded Bi-component spunbonded       
2008  Jiangyin Yueda 15000T/Y Complete  High Tenacity low elongation fiber            
2008  Japan    15000T/Y Nylon 66            
2008  Egypt     60000T/Y Relax annealer                                                
2008  Fujian Huacheng Chemical Fiber Co.,  40T/D  Complete line  High Tenacity low elongation               
Our reference in 2009:                
2009  Fujian Huacheng Chemical Fiber Co.,  75T/D  Complete line High Tenacity low elongation                
2009  Fujian Hong Yuan Group  5000T/Y  Bamboo fiber line  Flakes                    
2009  Jiangyin Hongkai Chemical Fiber Co.,  2 Crimpers, 2 cutters, 2 tension stands                                         

Our reference in 2010:
2010  Iran Alyaf Syna Delijan Co. 50T/D Complete line Chip & Flakes Cotton Type High Tenacity & Hollow
2010  Iran Alyaf Pars Co. 50T/D Complete line Chip & Flakes Cotton Type High Tenacity & Hollow
2010  Iran Savis Textile Co. 50T/D Complete line Chip & Flakes Cotton Type High Tenacity & Hollow
PSF production line with capacity of 100t/d,150t/d, 200t/d, which could be a key takeover project. The ideal polyester output is about 200t/d, 300t/d, 450t/d
We can arrange customer to visit our reference plant also.